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Exclusive business and professional courses

If you need to make presentations or speak and write fluent English confidently in your company or at international level, this course with Professional English Limited (incorporating Stirling Languages) is for you. You can relax and learn in a friendly setting while we give you specific professional help, and a real plus-guaranteed social interaction with local business and professional people.

Feel free to bring a presentation, speech or any other authentic materials you would like help with. Well pay special attention to:

  • pronunciation and delivery; your voice and posture
  • the language of meetings: negotiating, arguing, interrupting politely, agreeing and disagreeing
  • the language of socializing
  • presenting a business, professional or entertaining topic to the group
  • discussion on intercultural topics

Popular features for your free time:

  • special  private dinner - always really popular with delegates - so that you can practice your socializing skills with English speaking guests from similar professions to yours
  • one full day off for a choice of excursion
  • most evenings free for pub visits, films or socializing

This model is a five day course. For any other type or duration of course, or for group visits at any time of year, to include visits to organizations such as schools or companies, please send in your suggestion and we will make you an offer.

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